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What's a Vagabond?

Commodore / Apr 15, 2018

Introducing the VAGABONDS!

The Ghallanda FELLOWSHIP was founded in 2012. Up until Sep 25, 2014, The FELLOWSHIP had only been open to guilds.

If you were not part of a guild, that's been approved by the Tyrs High Council, you couldn't join our channel.

We now welcome:

1. Adventurers that are guildless.
2. Adventurers that are leaders of a SOLO GUILD.
3. Adventurers that are part of a guild that would not join the Fellowship because of our strict no drama and no zerg policies.

We tagged this loose band of adventurers... the Vagabonds!


Recruitment is as rigorous as always. Membership is not guaranteed by any stretch of the imagination. Only those who play the game AS IT WAS INTENDED, who practice and prefer a NO DRAMA, NO ZERG setting, will be entertained. Tyrs High Council, and Fellowship officers (the Guild leaders of member guilds) monitor the forum, Discord channel and in game play and chat channel.

If you are interested in signing up YOUR GUILD, or yourself, just give me a holla here or via PM! (All replies to membership requests will be done privately, via PM)


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