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Manakeep 728x90


Date: Jan 08, 2019
Time: 09:00 PM
Posted by: Doomflayer
Category: DDO Raid
Alliance Event: Yes
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Just thinking about ways to up the puppies powers. Ullrezaj is built to give them a huge buff, but there's still more that could be done (and as I built him to not be completely useless outside this raid, he can't do it all on his own). Do we have a bard with the tier 5 warchanter ability Chant of Power (plus other bard buffs from warchanter and spellsinger) who can also cast Consecrate with the Crusade modifier while in the Fatesinger ED for it's additional song buffs? I tweaked Misaoh to be that type of buff bot if we want to really maximize the puppies and no one else has those buffs.
Just for clarity...

What Ullrezaj grants the pups (edit: aura related buffs do not apply, so removed those values):
  • +37 to all stats
  • additional HP = CR + 202
  • Temporary HP: +91 on spell cast
  • Dodge +20%
  • Lesser Displacement (25%)
  • Fortification +300%
  • PRR +165
  • MRR +95
  • Melee Power +140
  • Ranged Power +100
  • Spell Power +150
  • Movement Speed +40%
  • Evasion
  • Aura of Courage (+4 moral to saves vs fear)
  • 1% chance on attack to cause Knockdown, 20d20 sonic damage, and 20d20 electric damage (buff bar states 50d20 sonic and electric)
  • Haste spell for 15% increased attack speed
  • Sigil of Warding for +2 more AC and +10 more PRR

EDIT: only Bardic Inspiration applies to charmed enemies, so a specc'ed out bard can grant the following to the pups:
  • +9 moral bonus to hit
  • +11 moral bonus to damage
  • +4 music bonus to AC, Dodge, and Saves
  • +12 spell power
  • +30 Temp HP for one minute
  • +1 Caster Level, spell DCs, and -10% SP costs
  • Freedom of Movement
  • Greater Heroism
  • Fast Healing
  • Sharp Note: +3 bonus to damage (for 60 seconds after using Fascinate)
as far as i can tell, bard aura buffs (ballad?) can only be applied to party members. tested this when they were first changed and buffs only applied when my alt account toon joined party. please let me know if this is not the case
This is correct. Though the bardic inspiration song (the targeted one for extra effect) can be sung, and the puppies can be targeted and buffed individually like that. I will have to test if charmed enemies gain the ballad aura buffs though.
Ok, did some testing of my own with charmed enemies. Spells can buff them, and the Bardic Inspiration can buff them; however, the Ballad does not buff them, Consecrate with Crusade does not buff them, and Summer Smoke does not seem to buff them either. That is sadness. I will edit the above to show only what buffs actually work.
Good work, Shishio, we'll need all this if we want to tackle elite one day. It will be tricky but we got the method nailed now.
This is definitely incredible work Shishio! I'd like to get Mississippee involved in this I used to run hard semi-regularly but never did do elite. We should bring this discussion to a thread and start working towards it!
I'll make one next break I get from work (at work atm)... but yeah, this run above we did hard and it was a 7 minute run, first cycle on the pups (think there was about 20 seconds left on the first puppy charmed when Xy'zzy fell). And that was without any of the bard buffs. it was said briefly after that run that with a proper intimi-tank we could have done elite easily... sadly, Ullrezaj and V are on the same account, so I can't dual-box both the chew toy and the charmer lol.
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