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The Ways of the Fellowship
  • Our FELLOWSHIP Motto and Charter


No Drama. No Bull.


The Fellowship is run by Commodore, with the guidance of the officers of Tyrs Paladium and the guild leaders of Fellowship guilds.

Our vision is to network with select guilds who's goals on Ghallanda are to share knowledge, fun and adventure amongst its members, to the betterment of all member guilds. Its a haven for top quality personalities who never put a quest or raid above the dignity of any member of the Fellowship.

The Tyrs Fellowship lives by four main principles.

1. NO DRAMA. Creating or maintaining drama will not be tolerated.

2. YOU DO NOT LEAVE PEOPLE BEHIND! That means 'no zerging', even in wild/slayer areas. Exceptions apply, and the party consensus must be unanimous.

3. The purpose of this channel is akin to tabletop D&D of years gone by. Camaraderie and Teamwork are the modus-operandi.

4. Last but never least, HAVE FUN!!!!

Additional rules:

** Active recruiting amongst member guilds is strictly forbidden. The Fellowship is about offering another solution to random PUG groups, networking amongst like-minded guilds, and helping Ghallanda's small guilds out.


The Fellowship is a private channel. Member guild leaders may only distribute channel info to their guildies. Only members of an included guild, or accepted Vagabonds may join the Fellowship. If you'd like to invite friends, you must bring them here to this site to fill out an application. You can also contact Commodore here or LeslieWest_GuitarGod on the official DDO forum.

More member guilds to be announced soon!

Guild leaders: Please make it clear to guildies this channel is private and is not to be handed out, in order to preserve the integrity of the Fellowship.