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Welcome to the Tyrs Warcrier's Lounge!

Fellowship Discord!

Commodore / Feb 18, 2018

We accept any guild or lone adventurer(s) who are looking for adventure on the Ghallanda server, who are willing to abide by the strictest no drama, no zerging policies in the game.

If FUN, playing hard, laughing hard, and winning together as a team is the way YOU play DDO, you are invited to join us!

Needless to say rules are enforced by Tyrs Paladium leadership and Fellowship member guild leaders (they are all Ghallanda Fellowship Officers)!

Here's a step by step video that will help you sign up for the Fellowship site. It was designed for the Tyrs Paladium site, but its the same procedures. Once you are approved, you'll have access to the Fellowship site here as well as the Tyrs Paladium site! So, plenty of opportunities to getting into some AWESOME RUNS!

Commodore / Aug 11, 2016

To join in on scheduled Fellowship runs, please click on the War Room! You can sign up to scheduled runs with characters that you added to the FELLOWSHIP ROSTER!

Be sure to check at least weekly for new runs! Would you like to post a new quest or raid? Make in known on the forum here and we'll post it!

The Tyrs Tavern is open 24/7 365 days and nights a week. To access the Tyrs Tavern just click on the Tyrs Paladium logo.
Commodore / Apr 18, 2016


Housed right here on the Fellowship site (where the real estate home prices are low and the property taxes are non-existent!) I'd like to introduce the all new Tyrs FAIR TRADES MARKETPLACE!!

Got some gear to sell?

Want to buy or trade gear?

Buy or ask for ANYTHING in DDO! You just might get it! Visit today!!

Support the Tyrs FAIR TRADES MARKETPLACE!! And support the FELLOWSHIP!!!

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Don't forget to drop off at the Tyrs Tavern, ya'll are invited for good brews and the best cooked steaks in the Realms!